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Jerusalem, the final day (part 5)

August 5 would be our final day in Jerusalem. This has been an amazing experience in so many ways…religious, historical, etc. It has been action packed and educational. I think that in their own way the kids have been just as moved as I have by this experience and I think that Rachel and her parents have greatly enjoyed exposing us to this. On our last day we only have two things planned…somewhat out of desire, but also out of necessity. Most of us went to Yad Vashem, which is the Israeli National Memorial to the Holocaust, its victims and its survivors. I’m not going to spend to much time writing about this because frankly my words would not do justice to this place or what it commemorates.

That said, I will chose to take this opportunity to point out that there are countries that still deny that this happened. I’m not even talking about countries whose cultures may be anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.  I’m talking about countries like Great Brittain, where they no longer teach their children about this aspect of WW2 because they don’t want to upset or offend the significantly large Muslim population in England. To the Brittish and to anyone else who can deny that this happened to 6.5 million Jews and countless others, I say shame on you!! One thing that history shows us is that it has a pattern of repeating itself. Ignorance and denial are the best paths to take should we want this to happen again and I find it disgraceful that people would chose to take that path.

Anyway, one of the remarkable things about Yad Vashem is that they are dedicated to ensuring that every individual who died in the Holocaust is given a name, a face, and a story. At then end of the museum exhibits is the Hall of Names. In this room they have compiled profiles of more than 3.6 million people who were murdered by the Nazi’s in WW2. Those individuals have profile sheets that are contained in binders….4o0 profiles per binder…3.6 million profiles….3 million more to go…and they’re working hard every day to fill the remaining binders!

While we Herb, Matt and I were walking through Yad Vashem, Rachel and Adrianne took Ryan and Jake to plant a tree. Planting a tree in Israel has become a tradition to help improve the environment here as well as raise money for Jewish National Fund. Rachel took Herb’s camera and took a few shots. She said that the boys took this very seriously and are very proud of the contribution that they made to Erezt Yisrael, the Land of Israel.

After Yad Vashem, we had lunch at a great restaurant called Tikko House and then hit the road back to Yavne’el. We will be there one more night before we head to Tel Aviv for a night and then fly home. That means only one more blog post to come…stay tuned.