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Anniversary in the Ruins

Wow!!! What an exhausting day we had!! The day started out with a mild temper tantrum because we discovered that Jake had left his backpack on the beach the day before….along with his hat and brand new digital camera. In many respects this was my fault….I usually ask everyone whether or not they have everything, but I neglected to do that. It is also his fault…he’s 7 now and needs to start taking some responsibility for his own stuff!! Anyway, he was so upset that I heard him crying later in the evening after I put him to bed….maybe he gets it now!!

Well, once we figured out that we weren’t going to find Jake’s stuff, we headed out for the day. We drove about an hour west of Yavne’el to a place called Tel Megiddo. “Tel” is an archaeological dig, and Megiddo is the name of the ancient city that dates back to around 2000 BC. Here is a shot I took of Tel Megiddo from above:

Besides being a remarkably interesting site of ruins, this site has some significance that I think we can all appreciate….Megiddo is the Hebrew name for what we have come to know as Armageddon….or the place at which the New Testiment states that the last great battle where good will triumph over evil will take place…not sure if that battle has happened yet or not…I guess time will tell!!

The ruins are remarkable, and it is still an active dig.

The round platform that you see in the photo above is the site where, for thousands of years, the residents of this site worshiped. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this site was the place known as the water works. The water source was a spring that was outside the protection of Megiddo’s walls….so they dug a deep hole and the a long tunnel (about 30 meters long) which ended at the under ground spring. The residents could leave the security of the city without being detected in order to get their water. Here we are descending into the passage way:

Oh…I forgot to mention that the aerial shot of Megiddo that I took….it was a shot of a poster in the gift shop….just in case you wondered how I got that!!

From Megiddo we continued West until we reached the Mediterranean Sea at Caesarea. This is an absolutely stunning and remarkable site of the ruins of King Herod’s City dating back several centuries BC. Words cannot describe the ingenuity of precision of the construction that has survived these thousands of years.  We had lunch at a very nice restaurant overlooking the ocean, and then went out to explore the site. I was most impressed by the fact that as Caesarea has been restored as a community, many of the new buildings have been erected directly atop of the ancient structures….truly amazing to see! I’ll have many images on my web site, but here are just a few to pique your interest.

By the way – July 24 was my 16th wedding anniversary….Happy Anniversary Rachel!! What an amazing place to spend that day with my wonderful wife (and my kids and in-laws)!!! I am truly a lucky man!!

On our way home, we ate dinner at Sahara…a most amazing Arabic restaurant that was recommended to us by an Israeli cousin of a friend of ours. No sooner did we sit down than the waiter filled our table with an enormous amount of food….the salads!!! Eggplant, hummus, baba, corn salad, tahini, pita, on and on and on…..too much to eat!! The Lamb Kabob was fantastic….but the best part of the meal was the dish of braised lamb tongue in Sahara sauce that the waiter brought me to try….on the house!! I thought it was fantastic….Andrew Zimmern, eat your heart out!!! Herb thought is was okay, and Matt thought it was nasty!!! Adrianne was grossed out that I even thought about eating it, and Rachel has just come to expect these things from me. Great meal to end a great day!!!

Not sure what today will bring…we were too tired to make plans before we all collapsed last night….you’ll just have to tune in later to find out! I’m off to load tons of the day’s photos to my slide show.